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Formula Deck(Formula Sheet) – Unifying All Formulas at One Place to Prepare Your Own #Cheatsheet

DOUBTNUT App – India’s leading e-learning destination is launching the “Formula Deck(Formula Sheet)” to bring organization in your board and competitive examination preparation.

Doubtnut has curated the complete list of Maths formulas for JEE mains and advanced PDF, divided in a topic wise manner. Free download here Maths formula sheet for IIT JEE preparation. The file is available in PDF format. Candidates can also watch here important Maths formulas for JEE Mains:-

You can now access all the important formulas related to Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics at one place and eventually prepare your own unique #cheatsheet (Cheat sheet) to study for the board and competitive examination. Thinking how that works? Keep reading till the end to clear all your doubts.

About – The Formula Deck(Formula Sheet)

To meet the student’s organizational need and to give structure to their examination preparation, DOUBTNUT App has prepared the complete “FORMULA DECK” classifying all the essential formulas of Math, Physics and Chemistry.

Surfing the pages of text books in search of single formula has been highly time consuming process for the student. Oftentimes you might have found yourself lost in these type hopeless formula search tussles. Therefore, the presented “Formula Deck(Formula Sheet)” puts end to such struggles from your life. It is your one-stop-solution for all the important formulas for physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

How to Access the Formula Deck(Formula Sheet)?

If you haven’t installed the DOUBTNUT App then, the 1st thing for your is to visit the Google Play Store in your smart phone and free download the DOUBTNUT App. On successful installation of our 4.4 rated app you can start preparing your own personal cheat sheet using the Formula Deck(Formula Sheet) with the delineated steps:

  1. Select the formula
  2. Click on the Add option
  3. Simply add the formula in to the cheat sheet.

Math, Physics and Chemistry are the three that are over-generously filled with a wide variety of formulas. It is often overwhelming and exhaustive for students finding formulas in various books and resources. Therefore, the presented “Formula Deck(Formula Sheet)” is our endeavor to give students an instant solution and hence putting end to tiring formula searches from the textbooks.

Simple Install the DOUBTNUT App to reap the benefits for Formula Deck(Formula Sheet). It is the best chance to prepare your own digital cheat sheet and do the examination revision on the go.


DOUBTNUT App is online learning destination for mathematics students of all age groups. Being the India’s fastest growing e-learning mobile app platform, it facilitates quality preparatory material for students preparing for board examination and competitive examination.

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