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JEE Toppers Talk By Doubtnut

Worried about how to get top rank in JEE Main? Whether exam anxiety and pressure to succeed are giving you a tough time before exams? No need to worry anymore, Doubtnut has come up with Topper’s Talk to motivate yourself and learn tips that can help you to succeed in JEE Main 2020.  

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All JEE toppers have their personal success story to share, whether it is a full-proof strategy or tips & tricks or even the motivational things, you can find everything from them right here.

JEE Main Toppers AIR 8 and AIR 16: 

Doubtnut presents Topper’s Talk with JEE Main 2019 toppers Kandibanda Vishwanth (AIR 8) and Dravya Marwaha (AIR 16).

Dravya Marwaha secured an all India rank of 16 in JEE Main 2019 with his strong determination, persistent efforts, and calm nature. In the above respective video, JEE Topper Dravya Marwaha shares his strategic insights for better preparation and tips on how to deal with exam anxiety, so that JEE aspirants can achieve success in JEE Main 2020.

As they say, “No dream is too big, and no dreamer too small,” Kandibanda Vishwanth proved it truthful with his devoted efforts, perseverance and never dying attitude.  Vishwanth secured an all India rank of 16 in JEE Main 2019. In the above respective video, JEE Topper Kandibanda Vishwanth talks about how he forged ahead with his JEE Main preparation and tips to ace in JEE Main 2020.

Benefits of JEE Main Toppers Videos

 The JEE toppers videos are beneficial for JEE aspirants as they will get to know the preparation strategy in a very detailed manner.

JEE Main 2020 January exam is only a month away. Every year lakhs of students appear

for JEE Main exam that makes it more competitive and challenging to obtain qualifying marks.

JEE aspirants who have been preparing for the exam since their class 9th or class 11th have

preparation tips, mentors, best study material, etc. but there is one another crucial

element that you require to achieve success in the exam and that is MOTIVATION.

You need to get inspired and motivated by the success stories of previous toppers and rank

holders of IIT JEE Mains and Advanced. It is not easy to prepare for IIT JEE for years with

the same level of focus and dedication.

Therefore, IIT JEE preparation tips by toppers help JEE aspirants prepare in the best

possible way.

Watch the full video of both the JEE Main 2019 toppers Dravya Marwaha and Kandibanda Vishwanth, to find out how they managed to crack the exam to get such a good rank and the factors that helped them along the journey, and lastly the success mantras for JEE Main 2020.

So click on the videos to know the success plan from JEE toppers.  Wish you All The Best for the Exam…!!!!