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HC Verma Solutions for Physics

Class 12 Chapterwise Solutions

Chapter 1

light waves

Chapter 2

geometrical optics

Chapter 3

optical instruments

Chapter 4

dispersion and spectra

Chapter 5

speed of light

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

electric field and potential

Chapter 8

gauss law

Chapter 9


Chapter 10

electric current in conductors

Chapter 11

thermal and chemical effect of electric current

Chapter 12

magnetic field

Chapter 13

magnetic field due to current

Chapter 14

permanent magnets

Chapter 15

magnetic properties of matter

Chapter 16

electromagnetic induction

Chapter 17

alternating current

Chapter 18

electromagnetic waves

Chapter 19

electric current through gases

Chapter 20

photo electric effect and wave particle duality

Chapter 21

bohr's model and physics of the atom

Chapter 22


Chapter 23

semiconductor and semiconductor devices

Chapter 24

the nucleous

Chapter 25

the special theory of relativity