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Congruent Triangle


A B C is a triangle and D is t...

`A B C` is a triangle and `D` is the mid-point of `B C` . The perpendiculars from `D` to `A B` and `A C` are equal. Prove that the triangle is isosceles.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let `DE` and `DF` be the perpendiculars from `D` on `AB` and `AC` respectively.<br>In `/_\BDE` and `triangleCDF`,<br>`DE=DF` (Given)<br>`/_BED=/_CFD=90^@`<br>`BD=DC` (since `D` is the mid-point of `BC`)<br>`:./_\BDE~=/_\CDF (RHS)`<br>`=> /_B=/_C` `(CPCT)`<br>`=> AC=AB` (Sides opposite equal `angle`s are equal)<br>`=>/_\ABC` is isosceles.<br>Hence Proved.


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question is triangle ABC is a triangle and D is a point on BC of a triangle ABC are iski side BC point haddi the perpendicular from the to a b and ac are equal audition on a perpendicular Banaya Ek perpendicular ab per and perpendicular AC per Arizona perpendicular uski lens equal Hai we have to prove that the triangle is isosceles triangle isosceles to karna ok kya hai to the point of BC BC commitment Hai To we can write BD is equal to CD and were given perpendicular from the equal to matlab you are given d is equal to de do not equal to iske liye Agar Ham triangle BD and CDF khole in Angle B and angle C D

E F G transverse colon to ismein BD key value Siddiqui colon ki Hamen already ki Banai hai ki cal Hai yah bhi Hamen already given Hai Hamen pata hai this angle is Mangal Mangal Mangal to and 1 is equal to angle 22 ki dono ki value 90 degree equal ok are you side beading or sit here is a right angle Ke Samne Wali site to matlab hypotenuse is equal Hai Khol Hai which is the right angle side equal to bol sakte hain by a Raha Chess rule Angle B is congruent to triangle c v d c d e f Congress hai ki vidhi serial ki Congress hai to main aapse bol sakte hain angle b is equal to angle c equal hai ab Hamen Pata Hai equal

angles Ke Samne Wali side people Ho Jaati Hai Madhya bhi Ke Samne Wali side Hide and Seek Ke Samne wale side Hai Ab To Matlab Hamen se bol sakte hain a b is equal to AC because sides opposite to equal angles are equal to side develop you KB is equal to Ham yahan se bol sakte hain ABC is isosceles triangle ok so this is the answer to this question