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Class 12






Introduction To Vectors & Forces


What is the value of applied f...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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(a)`(mu_(s)mg)/[(cos theta -mu_(s) sin theta)]`(b)`(mu_(s)mg)/[(cos theta +mu_(s) sin theta)]`(c)`mu_(s)mg`(d)`(mu_(s)mg)/[(mu_(s) cos theta + sin theta)]`

Answer : a
Solution : Since the block is on the verge of moving `therefore` Limiting friction will act on the block For equilibrium, <br> `F cos theta =f_(1)=mu_(s)N` <br> `N=mg+F sin theta` <br> `from (i) and (ii) <br> `rarr F cos theta =mu_(s)[mg+f sin theta]` <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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hello students should a vacation is what is the value of applied force app which is exerted at angle theta with the horizontal on the block of mass M is placed on a horizontal surface the coefficient of static friction between block and surfaces at that the block is on the verge of the moving original so this is a diagram here given to us and this is a hair mask and this is what is coefficient of static friction rough surface is given to us a b c d option is given as of yet to find which option is correct for the solution of this question is firstly we can draw the figure for it to understand it better to support this is our M H block hair and this is placed on rough surface and in this direction our mass into gravity and is in this direction is normal force and an in this direction is f reaction

Raftaar face and from this we can write here and in done in this direction it is given to us app that is Force air and this is a cos theta and this is a sin theta force component are break into force is directly into two component cos theta and sin theta from x direction we get a cos theta is equal FR and sin theta + mg is equal to normal force are opposite to this and we can either friction static friction Coefficient was this a sin theta + and ji

and this is equals to 5 cos theta into cos component from this we get mew Raksha incorporation into sax sin theta + us mg is equal to cos theta and from this week and write their music mg is equal to cos theta minus new S sin theta and from this we get us MG equals to taking app for months so this is AP cos theta minus sin theta minus sin theta here and we have us there in multiplication with us

this is my fair new a sin theta so we can write it and from this regard force is equal to X is equals to a mg and this is divided by cos theta minus sin theta so this is required answer for the question now we check which option is correct a static friction into mg and this is divided by cos theta minus sin theta Sourabh session is correct thank you

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