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The friction coefficient between the two blocks shown in figure is `mu` but the floor is smooth. A. What maximum horizontal force F can be applied without disturbing the equilibrium of the systme? b.suppose the horizontal force applied is double of that found in part a. Findthe accelerations of the two masses. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/HCV_VOL1_C06_E01_050_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Solution :
Both upper block andlower block will have acceleration `2m/s^2` <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/HCV_VOL1_C06_E01_050_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> `R_1=mg F=mu R_1-T=0` <br> `rarr T-muR_1=0` <br> `and `F--mu mg =T` …..ii <br> `rarr T=mu mg` <br> Putting `T=mu mg` <br> `F=mu mg +mu mg = 2mu mg` <br> b. `2F=T-mumg -ma` <br> =0.........i <br> `T-ma-mu mg =0 [:.R=mg]` <br> `rarr T=ma+mumg` <br> Putting value of T in i. we have <br> `2F-Mamu mg +mu mg-ma=0` <br> Putting `F=2mumg` <br> 2(2mumg)-2mumg=a(M+m)` <br> `rarr4mu mg-2mumg=a(M+m)` <br> `rarr a=(2mu mg)/(M+m)` <br> Both blocks move with this acceleration a in opposite direction.


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hello friends so let's see this question the friction Coefficient between two blocks shown in the figure is new ok but the flower is both the first find the what National hospital force f can be applied without disturbing the equilibrium of the system ok now let's draw free body diagram and see what are the forces on two blocks right to the first love is on the topic let se is this ok Nau Dus is possible experiencing a force f night ok expose its is having is MG which is the weight and the last thing is and the normal reaction from the block below the last and the next thing is which is the tension and the next thing is a friction force right

propose is being caused by the block which is below it ok I as a essays in this direction the frictional force is also in the opposite direction which is this this is FS right now drawing a free body diagram for the next block let's say this is the block here is the mass capital M this had small am ok now let's see the forces were so again it will have a force of tension tension force here because the pulley it will have a normal reaction force which is in and the last will be MG they will you one more force which is the frictional force field with which will be the absurd in this case as expected the first lock it so we have known the free body diagrams for all of the forces now we can move on to the

patients with the first part here now as a system is in equilibrium that means a horizontal force is equal to is equal in both directions that means f is equal to 3 + s s ok now we know that FS is equal to Mu MG right now in Seene S block again system is in equilibrium that means possible forces are balanced out from the 2nd Block that means that it is equal to which is equal to Mu MGF hurt so put in the value share it becomes tumu MG right that your first part ok now moving on to the second but here the force air becomes as 4mg right now here you can see the as the force awakens 40 mg the equilibrium is not there anymore

the block will start to move that measure the frictional force will become as SK SK similarly for this one here also will become SS write under normal reactions and a weight will remain the same in the vertical direction and liquid in the forces in the horizontal direction that will be F - of t minus of Mu MG that will be equal to a because they will be the acceleration in the other direction right there will be the acceleration in this section are similarly this blog will also have a nice selection in the opposite direction so that will mean that t-minus FS is equal to capital M into a right now these are the first and second equations that at this equation and to find out to cancel order it basically so I didn't is it becomes s f

- new MG - of f ke sorry it will be Kiya Uske that will be equal to Capital Empress Mall m into a ok no fkj game you MG so that will be f minor tumu mg is equal to Capital + small am a right now adding the value of f which is 40 mg so4 Mu MG -2 Mu MG capital Laplace Nolan and that will become too Mu MG capital M + mollem and this will be equal to the acceleration a and answer for the B part thank you

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