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Class 12






Magnetic Effects Of Current


Four identical wires of length...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`B_(T)=(27mu_(0)I)/(2piL)``B_(H)=(6 sqrt(3)mu_(0)I)/(piL)``B_(S)=(8sqrt(2)mu_(0)I)/(piL)``B_(T)gtB_(S)gtB_(H)gtB_(C)`

Answer : A::B::C::D
Solution : Let the side length of the triangle be a <br> Magnetic field at the centre due to one side of the triangle, <br> `B_(1)=(mu_(0)I)/(4pi(a/(2sqrt(3))))(sin 60^(@)+sin 60^(@))=(3mu_(0)I)/(2pia)` <br> Therefore, net magnetic field at the centre of the triangle, <br> `B_(T)=3B_(1)=(9mu_(0)I)/(2pia)`. But `a=L/3` therefore `B_(T)=(27mu_(0)I)/(2piL0` <br> b. Let the side length of the square be a <br> Magnetic field at the centre due to one side of the square, <br> `B_(1)=(mu_(0)I)/(4pi(a/2))(sin 45^(@)+sin 45^(@))=(mu_(0)I)/(sqrt(2)pia)` <br> Therefore, net magnetic field at the centre due to square, <br> `B_(S)=4B_(1)=(2sqrt(2)mu_(0)I)/(pia)` <br> But `a=L/4` therefore `B_(S)=(8sqrt(2)mu_(0)I)/(piL)` <br>(c) Let the side length of the hexagon be a <br> Magnetic field at the centre due to one side of the hexagon, <br> `B_(1)=(mu_(0)I)/(4pi((asqrt(3))/2))(sin 30^(@)+sin 30^(@))=(mu_(0)I)/(2sqrt(3)pia)` <br>Therefore, net magnetic field at the centre due to hexagon, <br> `B_(H)=6B_(1)=(sqrt(3)mu_(0)I)/(pia)`, But `a=L/6`, therefore `B_(H)=(6sqrt(3)mu_(0)I)/(piL)` <br> (d) Let the radius of the circle be R , We already know that `B_(C)=(mu_(0)I)/(2R)`<br> But `R=L/(2pi)` therefoe `B_(C)=(pi mu_(0)I)/L`

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ok the questions were identical wires of length L is bent into four different planets equal to the loops are kept away from each other and made to carry equal currents are magnetic field intensity at the centre are recorded as btps h&m store for what you are going to do this weekend and we can say there is there is a triangle square from here what to do let's have to find the magnitude you don't have to consider also find the direction of the magnetic

Right Hand Thumb Rule in each of these figures you can find out the direction of magnetic field is outward from the point of your right hand into the direction of current and then at point a finger current to the magnetic field is facing up Chunav calculate magnitude in the circle circumference of the circle of radius of the circle is initially was it is bent into 30

friendship ok now as we know to calculate magnetic field intensity at the centre of a circular rupees b is equal to 1 by 2 I are not like it or not I like this is the value of magnetic field intensity at the centre of knowledge on to the next move on to the net

next CM square blocks the side of the square is that is equal to because the square is made up of the wire of length and sunao net calculate it now has been just what we do that's gross weight street light

there is a pointer to calculate the magnetic field of a table calculate the magnetic field due to this wire and then what we will do is being multiplied take magnetic field B superstar call this is the distance from said to be 45 this and these are these and also comes out to calculate this is not want Etawah

and as we know it is equal to theatre 2.2 45 degree ok please no balance is equal to a bi decide is a check the value because you're not the value of Sin A + sin 45

Sultan Knowledge Corporation cancer Kis Ko sunao meeting to discuss about now let's put in the value of k the value of 2

final us do not tell this once we have 2 x 4 new not have you not this is the magnetic field at centre of the square now let's move on to the next next to there is a triangle let's draw a triangle

next to the triangle has been that the perimeter of a circle the perimeter of the triangle will be equal to help this is the midpoint of the track let's connect calculate the magnetic field due to this on this point and then we will multiply it by 3 sunao let's get to this is the reason

ok sight Society Sector 68 security 360 let find the value of this so to find the value of tan 30 10:30 this site is about ok 10322 cycle s e x

Jhooti Kasam 2 root 2 upon 3 sin theta sin theta X not the value of account ok sin 60 sin not I divided by this company

2016 aunties the energy comes out to be free to you not now we have to put the value of k and S are you not now

finally comes out until 1987 calculated for 3 tables for Sunil now in the hexagon also what do we will find the magnetic field due to the magnetic field due to a single statement on the centre and then x 6 x 6 isiliye

and the centre of this site IT projects are equal and 30 angle is equal to 60 degree angle will be 3216 field due to a current carrying wire at 6 is equal to help because there are six sides in a hexagon gl6 to find this distance from this point

this side ok 1060 is equal to 1 by root 3 root 3 tan theta is equal to 2 x 6 not by 45 sin theta + sin theta Shukriya not by 45 value of t

root 3 X 2 sin a sin b Memsaab 22 int32 new naat aur multiple value due to not I

value comes out 22666 options at 2020

257 not I want to check it out and the four parts of the value of M 13.5

do not bike route 66 what is square root 2 root 2 is 1.8 year or not It is written in English

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