Updated on:26/04/2023

(a) With the help of a suitable ray diagram, derive the mirror formula for a concave mirror.



hello everyone let's start with the help of a suitable diagram derive the formula for concave mirror concave mirror of focal length is the radius of curvature is an object forward to the day ago and it will reflect back to focal length and other will go any two following today reflection and another will go to the radius of curvature and it will let per to do so this is the triple point image will for now that triangle
beta app and triangle MP two Triangles are similar to write 8 / MP equal to M M M M M / here MP equal to ab is equal to MP3 will ride to question 1 now again if we
Airtel Digital TV and triangle they will find that this two Triangles are so we can be divided by a photo from question 1 and 2 Android from equation 1 and 2 / app equal to beta
beta app minus and it will be equal to b l b of equal to delete equal to we can write a letter Light image distance and object
equal to minus and equal to we can write a simple conversation face value then equation will be become - 3 + 1 divided by minus is equal to minus 3 then we will tell me a question you understand solution thank you


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