A wheel completes 2000 revolutions to cover the 9.5 km. distance. then the diameter of the wheel is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Solution :
Given, number of revolutions n = 200 <br> Distance `x=9.5 km = 9.5xx10^(3)m=9500 m` <br> `because` Distance covered in n reveloutions is equal to the circumference of the wheel. <br> `therefore x=n . 2pi r rArr x=n . pi D` (`because` Diameter `= 2xx` radius) <br> `9500=2000xxpi xx D` <br> `rArr` Diameter, `D=(9500)/(2000xx3.14)=1.5m`


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hello students who have you question and the question is a wheel completes 2003 distance of 9.5 km and we need to find the time ok now that that's just write the dishes Total distance covered Total distance equals to latest HD 9.5 km equals to 9500 M we can convert km into m per x 1000 now now that this is A and B are the radius r it is running quality reporting this point again touches the

surface next time between complete one Revolution and Illustrator complete it one circumference ok now we know that number of revolutions here we have an is number of revolutions of number Revolution 2500 yes but now sir company can be written as 266 Panchayat to buy now and then it will give us the total distance that is 9500 ok now we will x 5 3.1 and are as a variable data and

2007 key of 9000 and 500 2008-2014 2018.1 421203 12561 2560 and we have our separate r9500 12560 video but be it to find the diameter diameter

Radian into 0.1 answer is approximately 1.5 m in retirement tabhi 1.5 m power required solution

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