A sphere of charges of radius R carries a positive charge whose volume chasrge density depends only on the distance r from the ball's centre as ρ=ρ0(1rR), where ρ0 is constant. Assume epsilon as theh permittivity of space.
The magnitude of electric field as a function of the distance r inside the sphere is given by


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speed of charges of radius R carries positive charge was volume charge density only depends on earth from the centre of the wall is this true not is constant Abdul Azeem sala not as a permittivity of the space magnitude of the electric field as a function of distance are inside the sphere if you see if I draw a circle this Spear like this so I want the electric field at a distance of hard or imaginary surface at a distance of are so we know that the total flux through this imaginary surface will be equals to close integral of RDS that is equal to q enclosed by a cell not right and you can see this is a closed integral and here at each point the electric field will be parallel to the area so I will write pm245 Aaye square
is equals to Kyon in close Paisa Lena from here you will get the same result that is this that you get from the normal formula of electric field at a distance that is this enclosed by R square now we want the closed for that we have to check for the charge density that is wearing with the earth as it took at a distance of h i will take a shell of thickness Dr free fire top about the volume of the cell volume of the self is equals to 4 Pi R Square dear rate since the surface area will be this is the volume of the volume any five multiplied is volume why do I will get the charge so I will write the charge Q is equals to Road TV
and if you see the row is row not into 1 minus are bhaiya so just put this to this is small charge TPO so I will write RO not into 1 minus Soya 1 - Aaye point capital into 4 Pi R Square dear now I will take the concept outside and I will write PQ is equals to 450 not in bracket R square minus Q bhaiya dear I will integrate both side to get the charge enclosed by the martian surface of radius so this is wearing from 0 to smaller so I will write 450 not and this will be our cube by 3
date and this will be 8 to the power 4 by 4 and here I will put the limit from 0 to 50 this quantity will be zero and I will get the charge enclosed discuss 240 not into I will take our square common here and I will get our by 3 minus R square by 4 sunao this we got the charge in close to just put it here and you can cancel out the star square so I will write the electric field will be caused to ke that is 1 by 4 Pi Epsilon Not into you that is this and this task will we get cancelled out and you will get this is
the answer now you can check for the correct option so if you see these are the option option is the correct if you solve it so this 4545 will get cancelled out and you will get thrown out by a Salah not into our by 3 minus 4 by 4

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