A particle is projected vertically upwards and reaches the maximum height H in time T. The height of the partlcle at any time t(<T) will be


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A particle is projected vertically upwards reaches the maximum height H in time capital T height of the particle at any time small it will be so suppose this is the particle under Freefall HS the total height covered by the particle in time capital T so let's say the particle covers the distance and time capital T minus small tea and travels small tea smallest distance time quality so we know we will be given by using equation is equals to UT plus half a t square because the particle is performing Freefall traineeship velocity will be zero so they will be given g t square and time will be capital T minus small t ok now similarly it
aap to find h so this will be given by capital is - di that is H - ji capital T minus A square this will be the height at any time small tea that will be equal to x minus 3 by 2 team that is option put option for the answer thank you

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