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A ball is projected vertically upward with speed of 50 m/s. Find a. the maximum height, b. the time to reach the maximum height, c. the speed at half the maximum height. Take g=10ms2.

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Given, u=50ms<br>g=10ms2
when moving upward
v=0 t highest point a.
S=v2u22a<br>=(0.50)2)2(10))=125m<br> maximum height reached = 125m
b. t=vua=05010=5sec<br>c.S=1252=62.5m<br>v=?<br>u=50ms<br>a=10ms2<br>Fromv2u2=2aS<br>v=(u2+2as)<br>=(50)2+2(10)(62.5)<br>=(25001250)<br>1250=35ms.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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