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A ball is thrown horizontally from a point 100 m above the ground with a speed of 20 m/s. Find a. the time it takes to reach the ground, b. the horizontal distance it travels before reaching the ground c. the velocity (direction and magnitude) with which it strikes the ground.

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The correct Answer is:B

It is case of projectile fired horizontally from a height h. g9.8ms2
a. time taken to reach the ground
t=(2hg)<br>2×1009.8=4.51sec<br>Horizontalran<br>x=ut=20×4.5=90m<br>c.horizontalvelocityremasconstantthroghoutthemotion.AtA,vx=20ms<br>vy=u+at=0+9.8×4.5<br>=44.1ms Resultant velcity
vr(44.12+202)<br>tanβ=vyvx=44.120=2.205<br>β=tan1(2.205)=660 The ball strikes teh ground with a velocity of 48.42 m/s at an agle 660 with horizontal.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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