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A ball is thrown from the top of a building 45m high with a speed 20ms1 above the horizontal at an angle of 30. Find
(a) The time taken by the ball to reach the ground.
(b) The speed of ball just before it touches the ground.

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Given v=20ms1,θ=30,H=45m.
(a) As the ball has been projected at an angle of 30 above horizontally, so first of all we need to analyse the velocity horizontally and vertically. This will be useful while using distance - time relation in horizontal and vertical directions.
It will be easy for us to use distance - time relation in vertical as it will involve less calculation.
In y - direction : 45=10t12×gt2t22t=0
which on solving gives t=1+10)s (positive value), (other value is 110)s, a negative value of time is not acceptable).
(b) vyf=1010×(1+10))=1010)ms1

Updated on:21/07/2023

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