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Class 11






Centre Of Mass


A block of mass m is relesed f...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : Method 1: a. As no external force in horizontal direction, the linear momentum will be conserved in horizonta direction. Let the velocity of block and wedge be a and `V` respectively up to the case when the block reaches on horizontal surface on the wedge. <br> `mv=MV` ...............i <br> Mechanical energy is also conserved in this case <br> `/_\K+/_\U=0`<br> `(1/2mv^(2)+1/2MV^(2)-0)+(-mgh)=0` <br> `1/2mv^(2)+1/2M(m/Mv)^(2)=mgh` <br> `v=sqrt((2Mgh)/(M+m))` and `V=sqrt((2m^(2)gh)/(M(M+m)))` <br> Method 2 : Applying work energy theorem from centre of mass frame <br> `W_("gravity")=(/_\K)_(CM)` <br> `mgh=1/2((mM)/(m+M))(v+V)^(2)` <br> also, `mv=MVimpliesv=(MV)/m` <br> `impliesmgh=12((mM)/(m+M))V^(2)(M/m1)^(2)` <br> `implies V^(2)=sqrt((2m^(2)gh)/(M(m+M)))` <br> b. Initial linear mometum to of the system is zero and there is no external force on the system., hence at the time of maximum compression of spring the linear momentum of the system should be zero. Hence final kinetic energy should be zero. <br> `/_\U+/_\K=0implies/_\K=K_(f)-K_(i)=0` <br> Hence, `/_\U_("gravity")+/_\U_("spring")=0` <br> `-mgh+1/2kx^(2)=0impliesx=sqrt((2mgh)/k)`

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precaution is a block of mass M is released from rest from the height at which party find the maximum population of what time is the previous operation of conservation action

energy efficient potential energy is equal to potential energy at position 1 b square is equal to MG

and x is equal to a compression is equal to 1 by root and answer for this question bank

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