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Class 11






Centre Of Mass


A ball of mass 2m impinges dir...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : C
Solution : `COLM rArr 2mu + 0 = 2mv + mu rArr v = (u)/(2)` <br> `e = -((v_(2) - v_(1))/(u_(2) - u_(1))) = - ((u - u//2)/(0 - u)) = (1)/(2) underset(u)underset(rarr)overset(2m)"O" overset(m)"O" rArr underset(v_(LET))underset(rarr)overset(2m)"O" underset(u) underset(rarr)overset(m)"O"`

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hello students today our question is a ball of mass 2m 2m impinges on A ball of mass M which is at rest if the velocity with the larger wall in Princess B equals to velocity of the smaller mass after the impact that the coefficient of restitution so we have to do we have to find the coefficient of restitution that is the ABCD options are given here so we have to choose the correct option for the solution of this question is we have a bal of mass 2m analysis of mass M and S is at rest initially and it is moving with velocity v and after that to a mass M is moving with Vedas and M is moving will be so we can say that if we apply the momentum we applied the conservation

Momentum so we can write here apply conservation of momentum so we have the am one that is to admin to be Plus I am in 20 must be closed room initial Momentum us to equals to final that is 2m with less + m into we so this is MB and resources to time of M Vedas Amman temble cancel out four Vedas velocity Vedas be divided by 2 and we can find the coefficient of restitution that is he is a rate of separation / rate of approach rate of approach

this is equal to separation rate is we - Vedas divided by 2 and we have the b - Virasat is B / to this will become B / 2 / this will become 1 by 2 and this is the coefficient of restitution and this is the answer for the question now we check which option is correct option C is correct thank you

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