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With an unknown resistance X in the left gap and a resistance R in the right gap of a meter bridge, the neutral point is obtained at a distance of 75cm from the left end. The shift of null point if the unknown resistance is shunted by an equal resistance X and keeping same resistance in right gap is

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Data: R=30Ω,LX=40cm,
(i) With the resistance X in the left gap and R=30Ω in the right gap
The unknown resistance is,
(ii) When the resistance in each gap is increased by 15Ω, the resistance in the left gap is
X'=X+15=20+15=35Ω, and the resistance in the right gap is
LX=70016=43.75 cm
Since, LX>LX, the null point shifts to the right by
LXLX=43.75cm40cm=3.75 cm

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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