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What is a transmitter ?

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A transmitter is a device that processes an incoming signal so as to make it suitable for transmission, and then transmits it through a communication channel.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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    A radio transmitter at position A operates at a wavelength of 20m. A second , identical transmitter is located at a distance x from the first transmitter , at position B. The transmitters are phase locked together such that the second transmitter is lagging π/2 out of phase with the first . For which of the following values of BCCA will the intensity at C be maximum .

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    Basic components of a transmitter are:

    Amessage signal generator and antenna
    Bmodulator and antenna
    Csignal generator and modulator
    Dmessage signal generator, modulator and antenna
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    Figure shows a block diagram of a transmitter. Identify the boxes X and Y ?

    AAmlitude modulator, detector
    BDectector, power amlifer
    CAmplitude modulator, power amplifier
    DCapacitor, Detector
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    A broadcast radio transmitter radiates 12 kW when percentage of modulation is 50% , then the unmodulated carrier power is

    A5.67 kW
    B7.15 kW
    C9.7 kW
    D12 kW
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    If Vc is amplitude of carrier wave in AM transmitter where modulation factor is m then amplitude of side bands can be

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    A: Modulator is an essential component of a transmitter.
    R: Modulator superimposes a low frequency message signal on a high frequency carrier wave.

    AIf both Assertion & Reason are true and the reason is the correct explanation of the assertion, then mark (1)
    BIf both Assertin & Reason are true but the reason is not the correct explanation of the assertion, then mark (2)
    CIf Assertion is true statement but Reason is false, then mark (3)
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