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The electric field in a region is radially outward with magnitude E=Ar. Find the charge contained in a sphere of radius a centred at the origin. Take A=100Vm2 and a=20.0cm.

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The correct Answer is:3×1010C

Consider a spherical shell of radius x. The electric flux through
this surface is
Therefore, the electric flux through spherical suface of radius
R will be
When r=R,ER=αR, we have ϕ=αR4πR2
By Gauss theorem, net electric flux is
1ε0× change enclosed
:. αR4πR2=1ε0Qenclosed or Qenclosed=(4πε0)αR3
Given R=0.30m,α=100Vm2

Updated on:21/07/2023

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