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A pump motor is used to deliver water at a certain rate from a given pipe. To obtain 'n' times water from the same pipe in the same time by what amount (a) the force and (b) power of the motor should be increased ?


(a) n2 times


(b) n3 times


(c) n times


(d) n3/2 times

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The correct Answer is:B

If a liquid of density ρ is flowing through a pipe of cross section A at speed V, the mass coming out per second will be
In order to get n times water in the same time, we get
i.e., AVρ=nAVρ
But as pipe and liquid are same, ρ=ρ, A=A
So FF=V(dmdt)V(dmdt)=nVndmdtV(dmdt)=n2
or F=n2F
PP=FVFV=(n2F)(nV)FV or P=n3P

Updated on:21/07/2023

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