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Two identical coaxial rings each of radius R are separated by a distance of 3 R . They are uniformly charged with charges + Q and - Q respectively. The minimum kinetic energy with which a charged particle (charge + q ) should be projected from the centre of the negatively charged ring along the axis of the rings such that it reaches the centre of the positively charged ring is


Q q 4 π ε 0 R


Q q 2 π ε 0 R


Q q 8 π ε 0 R


3 Q q 4 π ε 0 R

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The correct Answer is:A

ocr_image k_(C_1)+U_(C_1)=k_(C_2)+U_(C_2) < b r > k_(min)+qV_(C_1)=0+qV_(C_2) i < b r > V_(C_1)=1/(4piepsilonP_0) (Q/(2R)-Q/R) < b r > V_(C_2)=1/(4piepsilon_0)(Q/R-Q/(2R)) < b r > s t i t u t g t h e s v a l u e e q . w e c a n f d K_(min)

Updated on:21/07/2023

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