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A hollow tube has a length l, inner radius R1 and outer radius R2 . The material has a thermal conductivity K. Find the heat flowing through the walls of the tube if (a) the flat ends are maintained at temperature T1 and T2(T2>T1) (b) the inside of the tube is maintained at temperature T1 and the outside is maintained at T2 .

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The correct Answer is:A, B

considering a concentric cylindtical cell of radius R and thickness DR.The radial heat flow through the cell.
H=(dQ)/(dt)=-KA(d theta)/(dr)<br>[-ve because as r increases Q decreases]<br>A=2 pi rl,<br>H=-2 pi rl K(d theta)/(dr)<br>or, int_(r_1)^(r_2)(dr)/r=-(2 pi rlK)/H int_(T_1)^(T_2)d theta<br>Integratgandsimplifygwet<br>H=(dQ)/(dt)=(2 pi Kl(T_2-T_1))/(In(R_2//R_1)).

Updated on:21/07/2023

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