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(a) A current of 1A flows in a series curcuit containing an electric lamp and a conductor of 5Ω when connected to a 10V battery. Calculate the resistance of the electric lamp.
(b) Now if a resistance of 10Ω is connected in parallel with this series combination, what change (if any) in current flowing through 5Ω conductor and potential difference across the lamp will take place ? Give reason.

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Given current, I = 1A
Resistance of conductor, R=5Ω
Voltage, V=10V
Resistance of lamp, RL = ?
Total resistance in the circuit,
Potential difference across the lamp
When 10Ω resistance is connected in parallel with total resistance RT(RL+R=10Ω), then total resistance R' in the circuit is given by
Current through the circuit,
Since, 10Ω and RT(10Ω) are in parallel, current through RT is I'2=22=1A
Thus, current through lamp and conductor of 5Ω in series is 1A. Also PD across lamp

Updated on:21/07/2023

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