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Two chords AB and AC of a circle are equal. Prove that the centre of the circle lies on the angle bisector of BAC.

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Given AB and AC are two equal chords whose centre is O.
To prove Centre O lies on the bisector of BAC.
Construction Join BC, draw bisector AD of BAC.
Proof In ΔBAMandΔCAM,
AB=AC [given]
BAM=CAM [given]
and AM=AM [common side]
ΔBAMΔCAM [by SAS congruence rule]
and BMA=CMA [by CPCT]
So, BM=CMandBMA=CMA=90
So, AM is the perpendicular bisector of the chord BC.
Hence, bisector of BAC i.e., AM passes through the centre O.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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