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The volume of a liquied following out per second of a pipe of length I and radius r is written by a student as υ=π8Pr4ηI where P is the pressure difference between the two ends of the pipe and η is coefficient of viscosity of the liquid having dimensioal formula ML1T1. Check whether the equation is dimensionally correct.

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The volume of a liquid flowing out per second of a pipe is given by V=π8pr4ηl
Dimension of V=Dimension of volumeDimension of time=[L3][T]=[L3T1]
(V is the volume of liquid flowing out per second)
Dimension of p=[ML1T2]
Dimension of η=[ML1T1]
Dimension of l=[L]
Dimension of r=[L]
Dimensions of LHS,[V]=[L3][T]=[L3T1]
Dimensions of RHS,[ML1T2]×[L4][ML1T1]×[L]=[L3T1]
As dimensions of LHS is equal to the dimensions of RHS.
Therefore, equation is correct dimensionally.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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