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(a) The earth- moon distance is about 60 earth radius. What wil be the diameter of the earth (approximately in degress) as seen from the moon ? (b) Moon is seen to be of (1/2) diameter from the earth. What must be the relative size compared to the earth ? (c ) From parallax measurement, the sun is found to be at a distance of about 400 times the earth. moon distance. Estimate the ratio of sun-earth diameters.

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(a) Angle subtanded at distance r due to an of length l is
Given ,l=RE,r=60RE
Hence,angle subtended by diameter of the earth=2θ=2.
(b) Given that moon is seen as (12)diameter and earth is seen as 2 diameter.
Hence, Diameter of earthDiameter of moon=(2/π)rad(12π)rad=4
(c) From parallax measurment given that sun is at a distance of about
400 times the earth-moon distance, hence,rsunrmoon=400
(Suppose, here r stands for distance and D for diameter)
sun and moon both appear to be of the same sagular diameter as seen from the earth.
But DearthDmoon=4

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