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The earth has a radius of 6400km. The inner core of 1000 km radius is solid. Outside it, there is a region from 1000 km to a radius of 3500km which is in molten state. Then again from 3500km to 6400 km, the earth is solid. Only longitudinal (P) waves can travel inside a liquid. Assume that the P wave has a speed of 8kms1 in solid parts and of 5kms1 in liquid parts of the earth. Calculate the time after which it will be recorded in a seismometer at a diametrically opposite point on earth if wave travels along diameter.

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Speed of wave =8 km/s
Speed of wave in liquid =5 km/s
Required time =[10005+350010005+640035008]×2 [diameter =radius×2]
=[10008+25005+29008]×2 [time=distancespeed]
As we are considering at diametrically opposite point, hence there is a multiplication of 2.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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