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Derive an expression for the electric field at a point due to an infinitely long thin charged straight wire using Gauss Law.Solution in Kannada

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Let the Gaussian surface be taken as a cylinder of length 1 and radius r. Electric field lines drawn from a point on the wire to every point on the rim of a circular plane make an angle of zero with respect to the normal drawn to the surface. Electric flux through the Gaussian surface
= E(SA), SA = surface area 1
= E(2πrl) If X represents linear charge density of the thin wire, then total charge on the wire = λ l. From Gauss Law, total outward electric flux through a closed surface =1ε0
vectorally E=λ2πε0rˆn where ˆn is the radial unit vector in the plane normal to the wire passing throught the point

Updated on:21/07/2023

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