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An iron rod is immersed in a solution containing 1.0MNiSO4 and 1.0MZnSO4 Predict giving reasons which of the following reactions is likely to proceed ?
(i) Fe reduces Zn2+ ions,
(ii) Iron reduces Ni2+ ions.
Given : E0Zn2+Zn = -0.76 volt and ,E0Fe2+Fe = -0.44 volt and E0Ni2+Ni= -0.25 V

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(i) since E of Zn is more negative than that of fe therefore zn will be oxidised to Zn+ ions while Fe2+ ions will be reduced to fe in other words fe wil not reduce Zn2+ ions
(ii) since E of Fe is more negative than that of ni therefore fe will be oxidized to Fe2+ ions while Ni2+ ions will be reduced to Ni thus fe reduces Ni2+ ions

Updated on:21/07/2023

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