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Assign oxidation number to the underlined element in each of the following species

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(a) Let the oxidation number of p be x writing the oxidation number of each atom above its symbol we
sum of oxidation numbr of various atoms in NaH2PO4=1(+1)+2(+1)+1(x)+4(2)=x5 but the sum of oxdation number of various atoms in NaH2PO4 (neutral) is zero
Thus the oxidation nuber of p in NaH2PO4=5
(b) +1naxHxS2O4+1(+1)+x+4(+1)2=0orx=6
Thus the oxidation number of S in NaHSO4=+5
(c ) +1H4+1P2xS2O44(+1)+2(x)+7(2)=0orx=+5
(d) K2MnO242(+1)+1(x)+7(2)=0orx=+6
thus the oxidation numbr of Mn in K2MnIO4=+7
(e ) let hte oxidation number of O be x since ca is an alkaline earth metal therefore its oxidation number is +2 thus
(f) In NaBH4 H is present as hydride ion therefore its oxidation number ois -1 thus
thus the oxidation number of B in NaBH4=+3
(g) H2S2O272(+1)+2(x)+7(2)=0orx6
thus the oxidation number of s in H2S2O7=+6
(h) KAI(SO4)12(H2Oor+1+3+2x+8(2)+12(2×12)orx=+6
alternatively since H2O is a neutral molecule therefore sum of oxidation number of S
thus the oxidation number of S in KaI (SO4)12H2O=+6

Updated on:21/07/2023

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