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Write the folllowing redox rections using half equations
(i) Zn(s)+PbCI2(aq)Pb(s)+ZnCI2(aq)
In each of the reactions gien above mention
(a) Which reactant is oxidized ? to what ? (b) which reactant is hte oxidiser ? (c )which reactant is reduced ? To what ? (d) which reactant is hte reducer?

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(i) Zn(s)Zn2++2e(oxidation),Pb2+(aq)+2ePb(s)(reduction)
Zn is oxidised to Zn2+,Pb2+(reduction),Pb2+ is the oxidiser and Zn is the reducer
(ii) 2Fe3++2e2Fe2+(reduction),2II2+2e(oxidation)
Fe3+ reduced to Fe2+I is oxidiased to I2,I is the reducer and Fe3+ is the oxidiser
Na is oxidised to Na+andCI2 is reduced to CI,CI2+2e2CI (reduction )
Mg is oxidised o Zn2+ while H+ is reduced to H2 , Zn is ht reducer and H+ is the oxidiser

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