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Find out the oxidation numbers of (i) S atoms in Na2S2O3 and CI atoms in bleaching powder CaOCI2

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(i) oxidation number of S atoms in Na2S2O3
(a) By conventional method +1Na2xS22O3 or 2×(+1)+2x+3×(2)=0 or x=+2 (wrong)
but this is wrong because both the sulphur atoms cannot be in the same oxidation state as is evident from the fact that when Na2S2O3 is treated with dil H2SO4 one S atom gets preciptated while the other gets converted in to SO2 the oxdation number of these two S atoms however be determined by the chemical bonding method
by chemical method the structure of Na2S2O3 is
since there is a coordinate bond between the two S atoms therefore the acceptors S atom has an O.N of -2 the O.N of the other S atom can be calculated as follows
(ii) oxidation number of chlorine in bleaching powder CaOCI2
average O.N of CI in CaOCI2 is +2Ca2OxCI2 or 2x+2-2=0 or x=0
(a) by stoichiometry the composition of bleaching powder is Ca2+(OCI)CI here O.N of CI in OCI is +1 while that in CI is -1 and the average of two oxidation number =1×(+1)×(1)=0

Updated on:21/07/2023

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