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A fixed sphere of radius R and uniform density ρ has a spherical cavity of radius R/2 such that the surface of the cavity passes through the centre of the sphere. A particle of mass m is located at the centre (A) of the velocity. Calculated
(a) The gravitational field at A.
(b) The velocity with which the particle strikes the centre O of the sphere. (Neglect earth's gravity)

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(a) ocr_image
Mass of biger sphere=ρ43πR3=M
Mass of smaller sphere rh0.43π(R/2)3=M8
Gravitational field due to big sphere at A
Gravitational field due to small sphere at A
(EA)net=GM2R2=Gρ.43πR32R2=23πρGR (towardsO)
(b) F=m(EA)t=ma

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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