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There is a uniformly charged non-conducting solid sphere. A small spherical cavity is made inside it. Distance of the centre of cavity is x from the centre of sphere


Electric field intensity inside the cavity is zero if x=0


Electric field intensity inside cavity is non-zero if x0


Electric field inside the cavity is always uniform


The magnitude of electric field intensity inside the cavity is proportional to x.

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The correct Answer is:A, B, C, D

The calculation of electric field intensity cavity inside a uniformly charged solid sphere. If the cavity is at the centre then definitely, the electric field intensity inside it will be zero and can be understood easily from Gauss.s law. If the cavity is not at the centre then electric field inside the cavity remains uniform. The direction of electric field intensity is along the line joining the centre of sphere and centre of cavity and is proportional to the distance between the centres of cavity and sphere (E=ρx3ε0). Therefore , all the options are correct.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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