Class 9






Congruent Triangle


In Figure, /_B C D=/_A D C and...

In Figure, `/_B C D=/_A D C` and `/_A C B=/_B D Adot` Prove that `A D=B C` and `/_A=/_B`


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in figure angle BCD is equal to angle triangle ABC D is a point is equal to angle ADC this angle angle angle is equal to Angle A Angle equal to angle to prove that ad is equal to b is equal to BC and angle is equal to angle it is given to us that angle 1 is equal to angle to first equation and neck it is given angle 3 equal to angle second equation to adding one and two wheeler

that angle 1 + Angle B equal to angle 2 + Angle pose now what is angle 1 + angle 3rd angle and what is the angle 2 + angle food it is angle the third equation that angle A is equal to angle didi now angle and triangle what we have just fall in triangle Angle B and angle C is equal to angle BCD it is given in the question

angle is equal to angle bdc from third equation because we just proved it and it will be equal to CD as it is common to have this angle equal the common style and another angle equal to buy congruence rule angle congruent to triangle ABC is congruent to triangle before equal to b and angle ACB is equal to Angle B by

now what people say it is that corresponding parts of congruent Triangles are equal as these two Triangles are congruent to their corresponding parts that is a d and b and angle also