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Congruence Of Triangles


If DeltaABC and Delta PQR are ...

If `DeltaABC and Delta PQR` are to be congruent, name one additional pair of corresponding parts. What criterion did you use ?

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : we have, `ΔABC` and `ΔPQR` are congruent with,<br> `∠B=∠Q`<br> `∠C=∠R`<br> For `ΔABC` and `ΔPQR`<br> The side in between the equal angles needs to be equal. `BC = QR`<br> ⇒ `ΔABC and ΔPQR` are congruent by ASA congruence rule.<br> One additional pair is `BC = QR.`


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in this video we are going to solve question number 9 question number 10 show in question number 9 triangle ABC and pqr to be congruent name one additional pair of corresponding parts what criteria did you are the questions given angle abc angle A equal angle is equal to angle prq kaun kaun se Hote we know rules hote ek x x x x x x side side side side angle side angle side angle koi bhi Sawal Hota

Nahin angles off ab Hamen kam se kam Koi Karni Hogi to ine donon tangon ko Convent Rokne ke liye kya bol sakti if and side side ab is equal to side PQ is a triangle from angle side angle rule in a triangle Kyon Jaenge congruent to Jaenge tamiz Humne kar ise main Kuchh Bhi Nahin additional information add Kareeb kya Thi ab Uske Aage triangle ABC is congruent to triangle pqr are this is the answer for this question Agar ab kis number 10 number 10 explanation puchiye ki why triangle ABC is congruent to triangle f Kishangarh

Hamen information given angle abc is equal to angle angle f similarly a confirmation kya given Hamen information is equal to what is equal to a given information and third information have a given a hua hai ki jo angle Hai hamare pass mein angle angle AC is equal to angle a senior sorry angle C A B and angle C is equal to what angle DF

angle D E F G H I am 3 angle side angle from angle side angle triangle kya Denge from angle side angle rule is 9 Triangles are there any congruent Ho Jaenge to bol Sakte ki triangle ABC is congruent to triangle if triangle if this is the answer 10th Triangles congruent through Kar Diya

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