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Given below are measurements of some parts of two triangles. Examinewhether the two triangles are congruent or not, using RHS congruencerule. In case of congruent triangles, write the result in symbolic form
(i)B=90,AC=8cm,AB=3cm P=90,PR=3cm,QR=8cm

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(i) Here, B=P=90,
hypotenuse, AC= hypotenuse, RQ(=8cm) and
side AB= side RP(=3cm)
So, ABCRPQ (By RHS Congruence rule).
(ii) Here, A=Q(=90) and
side AC= side PQ(=5cm).
But hypotenuse BC hypotenuse PR
So, the triangles are not congruent.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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