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Class 11






Motion In A Plane


Which of the following speed -...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

<img src="" width="30%"><img src="" width="30%"><img src="" width="30%">All of these

Answer : C
Solution : In all the given graph, we heve more than one values of speed corresponding to a single time. The graph must have a unique value of speed corresponding to a single time. Thus all the three graph are not possible.


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question it is given which of the following versus time graph is physically possible to find which of the following is possible to observe option to in option one you can see if you take any point suppose this point the one you can see if you drive vertical line you can see that at this point there will be at approx 13 velocity at 8GB single time at one time there are three cities how is it is possible it is not possible that at any given point of time a car has 3 type of velocity

this is not possible now in 2nd test this is again to the point and draw vertical line support single time to velocities at one time to again it is not possible option 3 Sims correct if at any point if you take there are only single velocities so options 3 Sims correct that at one point at one time one velocity one time one velocity at any given point there is only one velocity 2 option 3 Sims correct this type of Time vs velocity versus time equation

you can see in SHM


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