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Class 11






Laws Of Motion


Two blocks are in contact on a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : (b) Acceleration in both the case will be same.l <br> `N_(1)=ma " but " N_(2)=(2m)a` <br> `therefore " " (N_(1))/(N_(2))=(1)/(2)`


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question 2 blocks are in contact on a frictionless table 2 to show the same force f is applied in the ratio of contact between the two blocks will be with B in placed on frictionless Sewing that condition this blessed total mass of 2 M and M which is equal to the extreme so the force f accelerates this into words rhyming with an acceleration a pseudo code in opposite direction of acceleration is a compound at 3 a.m. into acceleration is equal to in your help 3 in that condition we can say this course is moving towards right

common acceleration now we need to find contact force between these two blocks so we can say I love these two blocks accelerating towards right with acceleration a pm to M A help on this mask force f is acting in our direction pseudo force will act in backward direction given as to India MTS vacancy here pseudo force and opposite to the direction of acceleration we can see this in action in one and when you log same number as in equal magnitude and opposite reaction to India from this it comes after agreeing to A and B have a b a 3 year so we can say this is 8.3 M so

come to me in 1st call to M cs8381 that is now the force is acting on the force f is applied from write on a need to find ratio of the phone so in that case we can see him again all system my marks on the net force on this list will act in backward direction is system will accelerate in - 6th edition for directions from there is equal to 3 cm into days to come out here as the same magnitude pm creation we consider these two officers list in these two masses that is poor mass and we have in mosque

reaction between these two masses have we can say as this is about to end this is our M moving with acceleration but towards the cash to am a student at sports and health in back towards right now we can say this a way that this into into its own this and this small so we can save your this into your comes out as 12 into a where we have calculated as it were experienced this is any do we have if this lesson into normal comes out to be our to buy it now we need the ratio of these two decinormal that is winning the race

INR to Indonesia by 3 and we have in 2823 this on dividing becomes 1 by 21 2012 in ocean in the world

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