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The field potentail in a certa...

The field potentail in a certain region of space depends only on the `x` coordinate as `varphi = -ax^(2) + b`, where `a` and `b` are constants. Find the distribution of the space charge `rho (x)`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Answer : `6a epsi_(0) x`


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hello students today our question is the field potential in a certain region of space depend only on the exponent as 5 is equal to minus x square + we wear A and B are then find the distribution of space stars that is RO X is given to we have to find this so the solution of this question is we have the PI is equals to minus x square + b so we know that field intensity along x axis along x axis is equals to defy divided by X equal to minus this is equal to 3 x square this is - time of this so this is my

3 X square + 0 from this we get field intensity 3 x square and this is equation 1 then the ko Swayam in differential form Nandi ghost theorem in differential form is differentiation of electric field with respect to X is equals to then St that is based h RO x divided by a not so we get row X is equals to that is space charge is equal to 6 time of a Asylum not X and this is the answer for the question thank you