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Class 12






Interference And Diffraction Of Light


The coherent point sources S_(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution :  At` S_2, Deltax= 2lambda` <br> Therefore, the minima closest to `S_2` will be corresponding to the path <br> difference `Deltax = (3lambda)/2`. Suppose this point is P at a distance y from `S_2`.Then, <br> `S_1P - S_2P = (3lambda)/2` <br> `sqrt(y^2 + (S_1 S_2)^2) -y = (3lambda)/2` <br> or ` sqrt(y^2+(2lambda)^2) = (y + (3lambda)/2)` <br> Squaring and then solving this equation, we get <br> `y= (7lambda)/12`.


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why the question is the current point of sources S1 and S2 vibrating in the same phase EMIT light of wavelength Lambda the separation between the sources is to Lambda consider the mind passing through H2O and the perpendicular to the line S1 S2 what is the smallest distance from as to where the minimum intensity occurs due to the interference of the wave from the two sources in this question it is given that separation means is Malti Malti is equal to 2 level are now according to questions if we draw a figure then we can

see that they left to source one source is there and yes that point we can assume and one sources share and another source we can assume that source so nice to this sources as one source and resources what is to source and this point is the distance from here to here now this is this distance is the distance we can assume that day

so what is this instance we can say from here to here is Resistance age we can write root under excess square and + b square from path difference we can write from what is the path difference Deluxe from the situation path difference in daily life is equal to we can write difference is equal to this and minus b equal to root under access square + b square and minus x this is a path difference and what is the mean one and maximum value the path difference so date X me Deluxe mean is equal to zero when to

infinitive when X tends to infinity and mean value of offence and the day left man Max we can write day left Max is equal to we can write this is equal to aunty is given to into Lambda when X tends to zero now for nearest mean ma from the source as to nearest MI store

from loss as to Defence should be equal to the difference should be equal to Lambda and / and what is the difference that we have an earlier that is equal to root and square + x square minus x is equal to 3 Lambda and divided by both side so we can write root and square + x square is equal to cylinder divide by 2 and + x

square in both side we will get the square x square is equal to divide by 2 + x square foot identity in Rs so would get a square + x square is equal to 9 Lambda square and divided by 4 + x square + we will get 3 Lambda into exe from here we can find the x-axis is equal to now as we will get access equal to Jasmine form a quadratic equations and we can find the x-values wax is equal to x square - 9 Lambda square

and divided by 4 and divided by 3 into Lambda from here will get equal to 30 S and b is equal to 2 Lambda so X equal to 2 Lambda whole square 9 Lambda square divided by 4 and 1 by 3 into Lambda we can write store after we will get text value and then X value is equal to 7 Lambda and 12 is the value of this answer to question thank you

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