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Class 11






Calorimetry And Thermal Expansion


The apparatus shown in the fig...

The apparatus shown in the figure consists of four glass columns connected by horizontal section. The height of two central column B and C are 49 cm each. The two outer columns A and D are open to the temperature. A and C are maintained at a temperature of `95^@C` while the columns B and D are maintained at `5^@C`. The height of the liquid in A and D measured from the base the are 52.8 cm and 51cm respectively. Determine the coefficient of thermal expansion of the liquid <br> <img src="" width="80%">

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Answer : `gamma=2 xx 10^(-4)//"^(@)C`
Solution : Density of a liquid varies with temperature as- <br> `rho_(t^(@)c) = ((rho_(0^(@)c))/(1+gammat))` <br> Here `gamma` is the coefficient of volume expansion of liquid. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> ltbr. In the figure- <br> `h_(1) = 52.8 cm, h_(2) = 51 cm` and `h = 49 cm` <br> Now pressure at `B ="pressure at "C` <br> Therefore <br> `P_(0) +h_(1) rho_(95^(@))g-h rho_(5^(@))g =P_(0)+h_(2) rho_(5^(@))g-h rho_(95^(@))g` <br> `rArr rho_(95^(@)) (h_(1) +h) = rho_(5^(@)) (h_(2) +h)` <br> `rArr (rho_(95^(@)))/(rho_(5^(@))) = (h_(2)+h)/(h_(1)+h)` <br> `rArr (rho_(0^(@)))/(((1+95gamma))/(rho_(0^(@))/((1+5gamma)))) =(h_(2)+h)/(h_(1)+h)` <br> `rArr (1+5 gamma)/(1+95 gamma) = (51+49)/(52.8 +49) = (100)/(101.8)` <br> Solving this equaiton, we get <br> `gamma = 2 xx 10^(-4) per.^(@)C`


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hello student this question to telling Apparatus shown in the figure consists of four class column which are connected by a horizontal cal on the height of 2 Centre column B and C are 49 cm each the two outer columns are open to the temperate and maintain a temperature of 95 degree Celsius by column B and B are maintained at 5 degree Celsius the height of liquid in A and B are measured from be base and these are 52.8 cm and 51 respectively need to find the value of Gamma solid we know that at a point is equal to 30 degree Celsius divided by 1 + commity change in temperature all right now temperature from here from the figure ABC that supposed name this is H1 and this is H2

Sabhi see that president b is equal to pressure at three died because B and C are both close and not open to temperature and pressure does not change already Stewart isothermal so what will happen in 2050 write this properly equation properly then 30 + 35 degrees 35 degree celsius into 8 1 - Rohit 95 is equal to 30 plus 295 degree gh2 from here we obtain sirf Idiots equation and solve it then this becomes like this Jason second this is no 95 right is not this is not a 75 at 95 degree Celsius and this becomes equal to

lowered 95 degree Celsius 82 - 85 degree Celsius age also we take the terms common if you take ages common then this will be come Rewa 85 degree Celsius -28 95 degree Celsius equal to zero at 95 degrees celsius Maina 80 81 82 - 85 degree Celsius age all right from here we obtain after dear ranging 2 85 degree Celsius by 2 at 95 degree celsius is equal to 8 by 8 1 + H2 write all rate Siri put in the value of 25 degree Celsius it is nothing but 30 /

8000 divided by 1 + commity / Rose 0 divided by 1 + commity 28182 equal to 8 by 8 + H2O is this equation and gamma comes out to be equal to be put the value of H1 H2 as so this is equal to 52.8 51 + 49 Sugama will come out to be equal to 2.4 into 10 to the power minus 4 or 2 into 10 to the power minus 4 sorry it will come out to be equal to this is the required answer to the question so this is the value of Gamma or write thank you

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