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Consider a metal scale of length 30cm and an object. The scale is calibrated for temp 20C.
(a) What is the actual length of division which is shown as 1cm by scale at 40C. Given αs=2×105/C.
(b) What will be the reading of scale at 40C if the actual length of objects is 10cm.
(c ) What will be the actual length of object at 40C if is measured length is 10cm.
(d) What is % error in measurement for part (b) and (c).
(e) If the linear expansion coefficient of object is α0=4×105 and neglecting the expansion of scale, then answers of (b) and (c) parts.
(f) If α0=4×105 and αs=2×105 then find answers of (b) and (c) part.

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(a) l=1{1+2×105×20}
(b) l=10{14×104}
(c ) l=10{1+4×104}
(d) %l1=4×102%
(e) l1=10{1+20×4×105}
(f) l1=10{1+40×105}

Updated on:21/07/2023

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