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Match the column : <br><img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_DPP_PHY_09_E01_045_Q01.png" width="80%">

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

`{:(,p,q,r,s),((A),3,2,4,1):}``{:(,p,q,r,s),((B),4,2,3,1):}``{:(,p,q,r,s),((C ),4,3,2,1):}``{:(,p,q,r,s),((D ),3,2,1,4):}`

Solution :
(A)Due to reflection from a moving wall, frequency of the sound wave will change.So, the superposition of the incident waves and the reflected waves and the reflected waves will produce beats. <br> (B) <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/RES_DPP_PHY_09_E01_045_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> Applying torque balance about the hinge point 'H' <br> `(mg)(l/2)=(T)(l)` <br> `T=(mg)/2=(20xx10)/2=100 m` <br> Natural frequencies of the fixed-free wire are <br> `f=1/(4l)sqrt(T/mu),3/(4l)sqrt(T/mu),5/(4l)sqrt(T/mu),`.... <br> `f=1/(4xx1)sqrt(100/0.01),... rArr f=25,75,125,`... <br> f=75 Hz matches with the frequency of the source, so resonance will occur and standing waves are generated <br> (C )`y=A sin^2(omegat-kx)+B cos^2(kx-omegat)+C cos(kx+omegat) sin(kx+omegat)` <br> Solving we can get. <br> y=(some constant) `cos2(omegat-kx)`+(some constant) `sin2(kx+omegat)` <br> which is superposition of waves moving in a opposite direction.So, standing waves can be produced. <br> But if A=B or C=0, then only travelling waves will be formed. <br> (D)if the hammer is hit once, a pulse will generated and a moving pulse is a travelling wave.The pulse will more rightward, will be reflected from the wall and then move in opposite direction. <br> As there is no other wire, so standing waves will not form.As this is just a pulse, so particle will not perform SHM.


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it is a columnist type question in column 1 there are some experiment correlation and according to that experiment relationware to find out come vichar mentioning Kollam to ok so let's start with p in according to be Chinese noodles soundwave are confused sent from one end by tune India reflected from moving ball due to superposition of incident bol and the reflected waves ok so that is A tuning fork and it is standing waves towards a moving ball ok if that Wall is at rest in that condition incident wave and reflected wave will have same frequency but there is a relative motion between the wall and the sound so due to the relative motion we apply Doppler Effect

ok and due to Doppler Effect there is a slightly changed in deflected frequency so the incident frequency and reflected frequency are applied to the 42 due to which they will form a b b frequency means F1 - 52 will be beat frequency so the phenomenon will be offbeat Sophie is made with Sophy will match with three ok now discuss about q-in-q a rod of mass 20 kg is hinged at one end is suspended by a light string of Ab on other and the entire system is vertical plane the wire ab has length one metre and the mass 4.01 kg not to wear a b is vibrate with tuning fork of 5075 Harsh then why are ab so enquiry

speaks at the road and we also fixed at that he strode ok so when we vibrate that string with tuning fork a wave will start one end of the string and get reflected from the other end and they will form a standing wave OK what happened here then instant payment reflected wave superpose at any point due to that superposition because both have same frequency so they will form a stunning so Kyon is making with you ok now we will discuss about rnh2 first of all we discuss about is so the metal road is fixed one end and free at other and the free and is hit by Hema as shown in the figure then so when we

that road perpendicular in that condition standing wave will be form in that role but when we had that road in the direction so a compression ok compression progressive wave form in that road compression progressive wave will form in that road it means s is made with one and that is a equation and according to that question the particle is vibrating according to take equation and that equation will represent a simple harmonic motion so the hour will match with four ok so according to that 3241 the option A is correct ok so right answer is

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