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A radioactive element decays by βemission. A detector records n beta particles in 2s and in next 2s it records 0.75n beta particles. Find mean life correct to nearest whole number. Given ln |2|=0.6931, ln |3|=1.0986.

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The correct Answer is:6.954sec

Let n0 be the number of radioactive nuclei at time t=0. Number of nuclei decayed in time t are given n0(1e2λ), which is also equal to the number of beta particles emitted the same interval of time. For the given condition,
Dividing (ii) by (i) we get
1.75=1e4λ1e2λ or 1.751.75e2λ=1e4λ
Let us take e2λ=x
Then the above equation is,
or x=1/75(1.75)2(4)(0.75)2 or x=1 and 34
From equation (iii) either e2λ=1ore2λ=34
but e2λ=1 is not accepted because which means λ=0. Hence
e2λ=34or 2λln(e)=ln(3)ln(4)=ln(3)2ln(2) λ=ln(2)12ln(3)
Substituting the given values, λ=0.693112×(1.0986)=0.14395s
Mean life tmeans=1λ=6.947sec

Updated on:21/07/2023

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