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In YDSE when slab of thickness...

In `YDSE` when slab of thickness `t` and refractive index `mu` is placed in front of one slit then central maxima shifts by one fringe width. Find out `t` in terms of `lambda` and `mu`.


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : C


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hello recent questions is dead in young double slit experiment when slab of thickness t and refractive index view is placed in front of one's late then Central Maxima shipped by one page B find out the tea in terms of lemon and view showing a young double slit experiment when you film of thickness t and refractive index new is introduced in the part 1 of the source of light then finish it occur as the optical path difference change so we can say deltav I will be equal to new -1 30 thickness of the slab divided fore now but we know fringe width beta is Lambda t divide it now we can use so

weak hair thickness t will be equal to on comparison we get new minus one of the equals to Lambda so it will be equal to Lambda Pawan new -1 cities and so I hope you understood this explanation has option C is right