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Electric Charges And Fields


In Gauss's law epsilon_(0)oint...

In Gauss's law `epsilon_(0)ointvec(E).bar(ds)= Q_("enclosed"), ` is `vec(E)` only due to charges enclosed ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : No, this `vec (E )` field canbe due to all the charges inside as well as outside.


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hello sir question in God's law excellence 0 times the closed integral of x is equal to Q in close is it only due to the charge enclosed so the question here is it a suppose this is the surface and this is the charge enclosed include ok now as we know according to God's law the flux is given by charging close to include upon 0 and also from the definition of flux club is equal to close in table of creating these two equation we get close integration is equal to Q include upon at 70 and upon cross multiply week

integral of into excellent zero is equal to you in close this is this equation is given in the statement are ok this is a given statement now the questionnaire is is the electric field only due to the closed now we can say that the flux is only because of the charges in closed because it is mentioned in the process law that flux is always because of the charges include the electric field is not only because of the charges in close to suppose we have another charge Q 2 year so if we are calculating the flux at the point P and flux would be only because of the include charge and not due to the two charged but the electric field would be because of the charge enclosed and also

because of the charge outside ok selected field would be because both of the charges so all question what is electric field only due to the charges in close your answer will be no electric field can be due to the charges outside the surface or other than the include charges answer would be no

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