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Dimensions & Measurement


If E , M , J , and G , respect...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Time AngleMass Length

Answer : B
Solution : ` (E J ^(2))/(M^(5) G^(2)) = ([ML^(2)T^(-2)][ML^(2)T^(-1)]^(2))/(M^(5)xx[M^(-1)L^(3)T^(-2)]^(2)) = M^(0) L^(0) T^(0)` <br> This comes out to be dimensionless and angle is also dimensionless.

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hello Vivah if em j&g respectively dinod energy mass angular momentum and gravitational constant then this quantity has a dimension of so if I write down the dimension of it is a square to the power minus two dimension of a m dimension of J it is angular momentum and it is equals to m square it to the power minus 1 and dimension of it will be equal to m to the power minus 1 l t whole square so we want to find out the dimension of quantity so I will write the dimension of it is this

and dimension of J is given so we have to square it since it is a square so I will write a square and it will be else it will be 4 power minus 2 and in division I will write empower 4 so it will be having the same dimension and Z Square show it I will writer -2 as the power 6 for now vacancy power for so Amber will get cancelled out so I'll get them to the power 0 square to the power 4 to the power 6 and in denominator also as to the power 6 is there now -2

- 2 to the power minus 2 and this is 3 to the power so this is also - so this -4 and - 4 to the power will get cancelled out and you'll get it is so out of fuel is used in which quantity is the dimensionless so angle is the dimensionless quantities for Bihar will be the correct option

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