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Figure shows two indentical pallel plate capacitors connected to a switch `S.` Initially ,the switch is closed so that the capacitors are completely charged .The switch is now opened and the free space between the plates of the capacitors is filled with a dielectric of dielectric constant 3. Find the ratio of the initial total energy stored in the capacitors to the final total energy stored. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/HCV_VOL2_C31_E01_084_Q01.png" width="80%">

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Solution :
Initial total energy <br> ` = 1 / 2 CV^(2) + 1 / 2 CV^(2) = CV^(2) ` <br> when the switch is open dielectric induced. Then capacitance <br> `C = 1 /2 3 CV^(2) = 3 /2 CV^(2)` <br> Since switch is open so change be same in B so Energy in <br> ` B = 1 /2 . C/ 3 . V^(2)` <br> So, total final energy <br> ` = 3 / 2 CV^(2) + 1 / 6 CV^(2) ` <br> `= 9 CV^(2) + 1 CV^(2) / 6 = 10 / 6 CV^(2) ` <br> So, required ratio `= CV_2 / (10 / 6 CV^(2)) = 3 /5 = 3.5` . <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/HCV_VOL2_C31_E01_084_S01.png" width="80%">


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hello we are given me the question and the question says figure shows two identical parallel plate capacitors near connected to a switch is initially the switch is closed so that the capacitors are completely charged the switch is now open and the free space between the plates of the capacitor is filled with dielectric of dielectric constant 3 find the ratio of initial to the energy stored in the capacitor to the final energy store initially what we have done is this is switches closed initially Total energy initially would be able to have seen V square for this one because the potential around this is we across this also it is B2B have seen some Total energy WhatsApp now switch S is open so what will happen if we have filled is capacitance with a dielectric

dielectric with dielectric constant 3 in both the capacitors new capacitance would become equal to K C C is equal to km Saina ki by Sahir it would be 3C energy stored in a the new energy stored in China's energy stored in a equal to now have in 23 cm to 20 square that is equal to 3 by 2 series for now since in bi we have opened the switch right there won't be any change in the charge amount of charge present since we know that you is equal to CBE so you and we would be seen itself its energy in b therefore would be equal to Q square of B

to see that would be equal to C square b square c dash also B3 c-23 C so this would be equal to 1 by 16 square now the total energy finally would be equal to 3 by 2 X square + 1 by 6 C V square which is equal to 10 by 6 CM square and now this is the final energy total final energy so we have to find the ratio of initial to will and energy to the final energy stored ratio Te 14 as it would be cool to see a square B 10 by 6 Series

sarkit cancel 17 b 6 b n which is nothing but 3 by 5 ratio 3 by 5 or we can write it is true that could be answered thank you

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