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Derive an expression for the a...

Derive an expression for the acceleration due to gravity at a depth d below the Earth's surface.



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Solution :
Let a body P of mass m be situated at a depth h below the earth's surface. <br> <img src="https://d10lpgp6xz60nq.cloudfront.net/physics_images/GRK_10Y_SP_HSC_PHY_FEB_14_E01_009_S01.png" width="80%"> <br> The gravitational force of attraction on a body inside a spherical shell is always zero. Therefore, the body P experiences gravitational attraction only due to the inner solid sphere. The mass of this sphere is <br> `M'="volume"xx"density"=(4)/(3)pi(R_(e)-h)^(3)rho" "...(i)` <br> where `rho` is mean density of the earth. Therefore, according to Newton's law of gravitation, the force of attraction on the body P is <br> `("GM"'m)/((R_(e)-h)^(2))=G((4)/(3)pi(R_(e)-h)^(3)rhom)/((R_(e)-h)^(2))" "["Using equation (i)"]` <br> `=(4)/(3)piG(R_(e)-h)rhom` <br> This force must be equal to the weight of the body mg', where g' is the acceleration due to gravity at a depth h below the surface of the earth. Thus, <br> `mg'=(4)/(3)piG(R_(e)-h)rhom" "...(ii)` <br> Similarly, if a body be at the surface of the earth (h = 0) where acceleration due to gravity is g, then <br> `mg=(4)/(3)piGR_(e)rhom" "..."(iii)` <br> Dividing equation (ii) by (iii), we have <br> `(g')/(g)=(R_(e)-h)/(R_(e))` <br> `implies" "g'=g(1-(h)/(R_(e)))` <br> This is the expression for acceleration due to gravity at depth h below the earth surface.

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